ArcheAges latest patch introduces the feared leviathan

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The kraken? Oh, the kraken in ArcheAge was so endure week’s alarming sea foe. Now the fantasy head has a new blackmail arising from the deeps: the leviathan. In yesterday’s Devouring Depths patch, ArcheAge appear the leviathan into the wild. While the animal promises amazing rewards for those who best it, accomplishing so will crave an immense appearance of argosy force. From now until July 7th, there’s aswell a alternate accident that encourages players to get out on the seas and yield on the beast.

The new application aswell alien the peaceful Miroir Tundra zone, which looks to be a prime destination for ice fishing and buck attacks. What’s ice fishing? It’s a new amusement arrangement in the bold that will crave you to ability a appropriate fishing pole, drudge through the ice, and see what’s cat-and-mouse underneath. Other changes with the patch include two new house styles and the disabling of the fog of war on the map. Fianally, plz atention: June 25 from 7:00 to 13:00 Moscow time due to maintenance work will not be available all game servers. hope you can enjoy the game.

Today, May 21, at 18:00 Moscow time will stream on the opening of a new server and update Noart 2.0 Korean version of the MMORPG ArcheAge. Our expedition will continue to conquer new server and explore innovations ArcheAge 2.0. And if you wish to discuss the broadcast and upgrade, go to the special theme. We also remind that the forum ArcheAgeRussia.Ru created a new section "PvP, PvE and video stream", dedicated to the user of the video game. Welcome to this section of all that interested and seriously engaged in various video content for ArcheAge. In it, you can publish your reviews, video tutorials, PvP-rollers, stream, and other creatives. - database ArcheAge, calculator Russian and Korean version of the game. Interactive map, calculator skills (1.7 upd.) And the signature for the forum! All the players! Fianlly, share you a good news, plz don't forget down. May 21 on all servers of the Russian version of the game ArcheAge passed maintenance work, during which has been updated client version. You can download it through the Game Center. The main changes were aimed at improving the protection of the game.

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