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An idea from one of the rs players, a simple concept for a ring of Kinship update with far reaching applications. It sounds easy, but how can we do old school old school rs gold? The adviser gives the suggestions.

The first thing to do is turn the Ring of Kinship into its own tab. Then add things like the weapon passives from Darklight to it, and do away with the weapons themselves once we learn it, with similar restrictions that the other Kinship ring's abilities have in D'heim.

This would breath new life into both the Ring of Kinship and reward item effects, as well as giving people something else to spend tokens on. It would also end the constant contest of buff'n' nerf between bought items and reward items with effects.

The teleport option is the only one needing a bit of finesse to place properly, but we do have a few places it could take up permentant residence. The new tab, the spellbook or even as a fake item in the equipment tab. The final choir probably boiling down to where it would work the easiest.

The ring of Kinship would go from being an actual item, to one that is just assumed to be equipped, the same way items are in your toolbelt.

You would feed an item to the ring to unlock a new ability, though levelling it up maybe required in a similar way to the Dungeoneering roles on the ring already. So Silver light, Darklight and the enhances Darklight would be probably be apart of that levelling up of the anti-demon abilities.

The same could be done with the Keris and new abilities could be added by using items in the ring to unlock new powers, though that could come later. There is plenty of things to chose from and items that could be included as unlock triggers.

There is the added bonus that some passives that were one combat style only could be extended to other combat styles. will update more information, you can try buy some rs gold from rsgoldaz to getting big surprise!

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